AGH is located 200 meters from Bridge off the main road to Ashongman Estates. Bridge is located 100 meters to the New Ashongman Community Hospital. The points to remember when traveling to The Bridge from Accra in the direction of Medina are: Atomic junction, Hatso, Atomic Police station, Kwabenya Roundabout, Musuku village, Blue Kiosk and then Bridge.  AGH is 150 meters from Bridge. There is a taxi rank at this junction.

The surrounding can be described as a suburb and a town environment providing a peaceful and a working class feeling. There are various restaurants drinking bars, supermarkets and pubs at a walking distance. The prices are very moderate. Dome market is 15minutes by ‘trotro”.


Anybody calling in for the night facilities requires to register with the reception. Your name, address and contact information will be provided on the AGH registration forms.


There are 12 twin beds and double rooms you can choose. Reading lights are fixed by the bedsides. All rooms are provided with a WC, a shower and or a bath. There is a ceiling fan. All rooms are equipped with digital TV and a fun. There are six rooms with air conditions and refrigerators. Breakfast is excluded from the price of the room. Breakfast is served between 07.00-09.00hours. AGH has a sitting room where you can read and watch television.

Our Rooms

Facilities for foreign visitors.

AGH provides the possibilities for foreign visitors to have a real taste of Ghanaian rural life. When requested you will be brought to spend some days in the a village in the ATIWA mountain area where you will visit a typical Ghanaian cocoa farm and experience the effect of surface gold mine in Ghana popularly known as “Galamsay”. You will also have the experience to live in a modernized compound house ( this facility is limited to a maximum of 3 persons at a time) and a village market setting where you learn to bargain prices of all goods that you may want to buy in the open market of Ghana.

Additional services

Luxury Bathroom

Digital Tv