Client can make reservations but then the money should be paid at least 48hrs before the date. The room is booked only when it has been paid for per mobile money. Room prizes are 30-50 dollars depending on the season. Clients can also pay at the counter but then they risk that they might not get the rooms they may require.

  1. There are 12 twin beds and double rooms you can choose.
  2. Reading lights are fixed by the bedsides.
  3. All rooms are provided with a WC, a shower and or a bath.
  4. There is a ceiling fan. All rooms are equipped with digital TV and a fun.
  5. There are six rooms with air conditions and refrigerators.
  6. Breakfast is served between 07.00-09.00hours.
  7. AGH has a sitting room where you can read and watch television.

AGH is built based on panoptic principles. As much as possible one can have a glance at all the corners and spaces in and around the corridors of the building. Your room remains a safe and private area. You are kindly requested to read the instructions of fire prevention pasted on the wall. All exits in case of fire are provided and indicated on the entrances.

You can give your valuable documents such as passports to the reception for safe keeping.

AGH tries to as much as possible keep your room and the surroundings clean.  The cleaner will ask you every morning at 10.00 hrs if you want your room to be cleaned. You may give the key to your room to the reception when leaving during your stay.

The main entrance to AGH is opened till 12.00hrs after which it will be closed. If you go out and want to come after this time, please info the reception and or night watch. 

You are requested to pay before you are given a key to your room. You will receive a receipt to cover all payments. Do not forget to request for your receipt. You may pay by bank transfer, mobile money transfer or by cash. Bank transfers will have to be verified.

You can check into your room at 11:00hrs. You are required to check out of your room at 11:00hrs. You may decide to extend your check out time on a request and at a fee

FACILITIES FOR Foreign visitors.

AGH provides the possibilities for foreign visitors to have a real taste of Ghanaian rural life. When requested you will be brought to spend some days in the a village in the ATIWA mountain area where you will visit a typical Ghanaian cocoa farm and experience the effect of surface gold mine in Ghana popularly known as “Galamsay”. You will also have the experience to live in a modernized compound house ( this facility is limited to a maximum of 3 persons at a time) and a village market setting where you learn to bargain prices of all goods that you may want to buy in the open market of Ghana.