AGH is located 200 meters from Bridge off the main road to Ashongman Estates. Bridge is located 100 meters to the New Ashongman Community Hospital. The points to remember when traveling to The Bridge from Accra in the direction of Medina are: Atomic junction, Hatso, Atomic Police station, Kwabenya Roundabout, Musuku village, Blue Kiosk and then Bridge.  AGH is 150 meters from Bridge. There is a taxi rank at this junction.

Surrounded by a mix of suburb and town, our location provides a tranquil yet lively atmosphere. Enjoy the convenience of various restaurants, drinking bars, supermarkets, and pubs within walking distance. Experience the warmth of the working-class community with moderate prices. For a true taste of local life, Dome market is just a 15-minute ‘trotro’ ride away.